Credit Limits

What is EGE’s methodology for prospective buyer analysis and country risk assessment?

EGE employs a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing prospective buyers, it also has a dynamic country cover attitude which tackles main assessment points on countries. We use a mix of quantitative and qualitative information to properly assess the level of buyer activity; credit information reports allow us preliminary insight into the credit history of prospective buyers.

We have wide coverage over global media providers and news aggregators, as well as insight into an in-depth analysis of different industries and their roles in the constitution of the economy. We source our information from credible providers and imbue our own research methodology to properly analyze world countries in terms of macroeconomic trends as well as key industries.

We are also constantly reviewing official government resources to update our databases with the latest dynamics of the political scene in the global economy. We include several key data pertaining to the health of local and international economies that help shape our idea of the risk profile associated with each country and the underlying industries.

Are there countries or markets not covered by EGE?

According to our cover attitude, which undergoes periodic updates, EGE covers around 200 countries all over the world. Countries with high levels of political and/or economic turbulence have an elevated risk profile and therefore may be excluded from our coverage.

Why does EGE refuse or restrict cover on my buyer?

EGE may restrict or refuse cover on a buyer for various reasons and in a variety of circumstances including but not limited to; the situation where information on the buyer is not sufficient; when our commitments on the buyer are full; where there is a winding-up or bankruptcy petition filed against the buyer; or where the trading conditions such as the political or economic stability of the buyer’s country have changed.