Our Story

Export Credit Guarantee Co. of Egypt (EGE) was founded in 1992 to play a key role in facilitating Egypt’s healthy development in foreign trade and the private sector.  In achieving the above, EGE provides comprehensive services and support to exporters and assists them in managing, protecting, and financing their receivables. EGE is the official export credit agency of Egypt and it follows the regulations of the Financial Regulatory Authority of Egypt.

Vision and Mission Statement


To be the one stop shop for protection against risks of trade and investment in Egypt and abroad.


To use insurance to cater to the needs of the Egyptian economy and foster its development.

Strategic Objectives

To support the national interest of Egypt in trade and investment domestically and abroad.

To support the expansion of the Egyptian Industrial base to increase net exports.

To support the level of financial inclusion in the Egyptian Economy.

Core Values

We are inclusive
We want to be visible
We think outward
We work smart
We are nimble
We are agile
We are a development partner
We are a market maker
We are professional
We are innovative
We are financially sound