Collection Services

Inwards & Outwards


Overseas trade relationships can open substantial business opportunities, however with every new opportunity comes new risks. The most common risk for any financial sector is collecting their money from overseas clients. This often requires a different approach. Through our local collection agencies, we assist cross- border businesses and financial institutions to collect their debt.

The expertise we have built in trade credit insurance in the past 28 years, has given us great insight into debt collection.  This service is offered to corporates on a pre-litigation basis to help them collect any outstanding debts, which we provide through top legal and debt collection firms worldwide throughout Europe, Asia, & MEA Regions.


One advantage of hiring EGE, is the ability to increase international sales while minimizing risk on “no pay no fee” terms. An international debt collection agency will engage in discussions with the overseas debtor in an effective manner to understand and remove barriers to payment. Another advantage of using our collection services is that we work on a commission only basis that is suitable for all, regardless the amount of debt.

Part of keeping open communication with our clients, periodic follow ups are done, along with information sharing. This allows us to reach the best resolutions for our client’s benefit. Finally, should we find that the debt is not collectable without litigation, we then use that information to establish the appropriate course of action. It is vital that we understand whether such an action is presumed to be worthwhile for our clients.

EGE provides debt collection services to international companies and banks trying to collect their debts locally, throughout our network of trusted partners whom we work with all over Egypt. In the same effective manner that we use for Debt Collections Process Outward, we have protocols with local collection debt agencies, on “no pay no fee” terms.

Our understanding of the Egyptian Law along with our network of trusted partners has been a great asset when it comes to serving our clients. It would be of great help when deciding the next best course of action considering the communications and supporting documents shared with the client. EGE always takes pride in its customer service, while assisting in the facilitation process of debt collection.