Complaint handling process

Please make sure that you include the following information :

  • Policy number and / or claim number
  • Outline of your complaint
  • Contact information: Phone number, E-mail address and Business address
  • Once we receive your complaint, you will receive an acknowledgment receipt from our side. We will investigate and let you know what went wrong and advise you what we are doing to make things right. We will contact you within five working days from receiving your complaint, either with a full reply or to update you with status if we have not finished our investigation.
  • Complaints that do not bear a signature, the address of the presenter and his personal phone number will not be considered.

Complaint Handling Process

We would like to hear from you

If you have a complaint about how we handled your insurance application/claim, please contact us immediately.

Send your complaint directly to,

Fax +20 2 22 636 825 or personally at our premises.


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