Supporting the national interest of Egypt in trade and investment domestically and abroad.

Aiding in the expansion of the Egyptian Industrial base to increase net exports.


Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics.

Services We Provide


Trade Credit Guarantee

  • Insure one of the largest assets of the company (Receivables)
  • Possibility to assign the policy to a bank to monetize the insured receivables

Financial Inclusion Guarantee

  • Assign the policy to a bank and enjoy non -recourse finance of the insured portfolio
  • Improve the insured portfolio rating to A and reduce the cost of funding for securitization

Banks Guarantee Products

  • Safer growth in business
  • Enhance rating of insured assets and improving the Risk -Weighted Assets for the bank
  • Secure long tail transactions

Investment Guarantee Products

  • Ensure your investment against political risk.
  • Enhance your ability to obtain finance for your investments abroad.


  • Offered to corporates on a pre-litigation basis to help them collect any outstanding debts
  • Through our local collection agencies, we assist cross- border businesses and financial institutions to collect their debt.

Information Services

  • Information services for ECA’s, Exporters covering the Egyptian market
  • High quality commercial profiles on enterprises within our region

Want to grow your business safely?

Find out how EGE can best ensure your business against all forms of non-payment risks.


  • We are inclusive
  • We are a development partner
  • We are nimble
  • We are financially sound

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