“The Role of Guarantee in Supporting Egyptian Exports and Exporters” – EGE & the Apparel Council of Egypt (AECE)


EGE is honored to have organized a workshop in cooperation with the Apparel Export Council of Egypt (AECE) yesterday commenced by Mrs. Sherin Hosni, AECE Executive Director, Mr. Ahmed Gomaa, Head of Internal Audit at EGE, and Mr. Mohamed Shabana, Assistant General Manager for Compliance & Governance at EGE


The workshop covered a range of topics, including the definition of export guarantees, their advantages and importance, and the types of guarantee products available for both the domestic and international markets.


The workshop was held to highlight the importance of export guarantees in global markets, as they are one of the most effective ways to protect companies from the non-payment risks that have risen sharply in recent years due to changing global dynamics.


EGE is committed to supporting Egyptian exports and exporters in global markets. The company’s participation in this workshop is a reflection of its commitment to providing exporters with the information and resources they need to succeed.


If you are an Egyptian exporter interested in learning more about how EGE can help you, please visit our website or contact us at contactus@ege-eg.com