How can Credit Insurance help the non-banking Financial Institutions to grow more safely & enhance profitability?

            On March, 9th 2020, in Cairo, Egypt, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ, The German International Cooperation in Egypt) and Export Credit Guarantee Company of Egypt (EGE) organized a round table addressing how credit insurance can help the non-banking financial institutions to grow more safely & enhance their profitability?

The Roundtable focused on the advantages of the cooperation between EGE & other non-banking financial institutions by introducing EGE’s newly designed credit insurance service in full detail along with highlighting its benefits as follows:

  • Enhancing portfolio rating for securitization purposes.
  • Acquiring finance with only 10% recourse.
  • Ability to reduce the cost of finance.

The event exclusively targeted top-level management of leading non-banking financial institutions aiming to obtain feedback in order to properly shape the newly designed products and to deliver a service that caters to market needs.

EGE continues this year in supporting the education sector, according to its strategy and the belief in its role towards the community out of its CSR activities. This year, the Export Credit Guarantee Company of Egypt funded the Pre-University Education. This comes out of the Company’s keenness in improving the level of education and learning in Egypt. This is to be achieved through fostering and providing educational opportunity for children who drop out of compulsory school age, who are deprived of education from the age of 6:14 years, and enable the local community to run these schools in the deprived areas of the Arab Republic of Egypt.  

EGE participated in furnishing two schools in Luxor where a sign holding the name and the logo of the Company was installed.