EGE’s contribution to Al NAS Hospital 3rd year in a row


The Export Credit Guarantee Co. of Egypt is extremely proud to donate to Al Nas Children’s Hospital for the third year in a row, in support of the health sector as part of the company’s vision and its corporate responsibility strategy. A team from EGE visited Al Nas Hospital in Shubra Al- Kheima, to provide our support by bearing the costs of an electrical isolation mattress in the surgery room, in addition to contributing to performing surgeries, which is estimated at 160,000 EGP. These mattresses play a crucial role and are designed specifically to work on insulating the patients from metals in the bed and the medical devices connected to it, thus protecting the patients from exposure to an electric shock which may endanger their life. In addition to this, EGE donation will also contribute to performing surgical operations in the amount of 90,000 EGP, bringing the total support provided by the company to the hospital to 250,000 EGP.