On March 15th 2021 EGE signed a cooperation protocol with Zewail City, to fund scholarships for two new students at the University of Science and Technology. For the second year in a row EGE continues to support the education sector in line with its role towards its corporate social responsibility.

Zewail City for Science, Technology and Innovation, is a non-profit governmental organization, established in 2000 by Dr. Ahmed Zewail, the Egyptian Nobel Prize-winning scientist, whose aim was to prepare a generation of students who are able to think creatively. Zewail City for Science, Technology and Innovation plays a pivotal role in tackling the strategic challenges facing the country and Arab region, and thus contribute to bringing about a scientific and economic renaissance in the Arab World. According to Mrs. Mervat Soltan, Chairperson of EGE’s Board of Directors, the company’s strategy aims to sustain social practices to support society as a whole, adding that recent years have witnessed remarkable progress in the field of scientific research globally.

EGE was keen to support Zewail City and new students at the University of Science and Technology due to the strenuous efforts that the city is doing to support innovation and scientific research and work to create a new generation capable of innovation and put Egypt on the map of countries in the world in scientific research. Mr. Mohamed Azzam, EGE’s Managing Director, suggested that “It became evident that scientific research is of special importance. After the emergence of the pandemic the world has realized that scientific research is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity for the survival and preservation of the species”.

Zewail City is one of the most important lighthouses that contributes to the development of the scientific research system in Egypt. EGE is thrilled to have devoted its efforts to the benefit of this distinguished organization.